Vegetable Juice Recipes: Orange, Carrot & Apple Juice

Making your own fresh-squeezed juice at home is a healthy and delicious way to get your nutrients. Purchasing juice at the store is almost the same as buying soda, as juice-making companies usually add a lot of sugar and preservatives. The popular brand, Naked Juice, just had to pay millions of dollars for labeling their juice to be all natural, when it wasn’t.

When you are making juice, invest your money into a cold press juicer, like the Omega Juicer.What is a cold press juicer? Also known as masticating juicers, they “extract juice by first crushing and then pressing fruit and vegetables for the highest juice yield,” according to the Huffington Post. “Because they don’t produce as much heat, they keep more of the fresh ingredients’ nutrients intact. This is closer to what you’ll get (but NOT the same) from a BluePrint type of cleanse.”orange, kale and apple juice

Here is one of my favorites vegetable juice recipes for my orange, carrot and apple juice.


* Three organic carrots
* Two large oranges
* Four leaves of organic kale

1. Wash and peel the carrots and oranges.
2. Wash and cut up the kale.
3. Run all the ingredients through the juicer.
4. Enjoy!

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