Smoothie Recipes: Kale Avacado Blueberry Smoothie

Smoothies are not just for kids anymore! For a quick and easy way to load up on your fruits, greens and supplements, why not make a smoothie? I load everything up into my Nutri Bullet, find one of my favorite smoothie recipes, and take it with me on the go.

The great benefit of smoothies is that you can customize them to what your taste. Just open your fridge, and throw in a variety of fruits and veggies, pour in some almond or coconut milk, or yogurt, and top off with some healthy supplements, like goji berries, cocoa powder, chia seeds, etc.

Let me share my recipe for the smoothy I made today.

Kale Avocado Blueberry Smoothie


* 1 Avocado
* 1/2 Cup of Organic Blueberries
* 1/4 Cup of Organic Kale
* 1 Cup of Organic Unsweetened Yogurt
* 1 Banana
* 1 Cup of Water
* 1/2 Cup of Walnuts
* 1 Teaspoon of Chia Seeds


1. Peel the avocado and banana.
2. Chop up the kale.
3. Pour all ingredients into Nutri Bullet and blend until smooth.
4. Enjoy!

Kale Avocado Blueberry Smoothie

Kale Avocado Blueberry Smoothie

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