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When it comes to child safety, most parents say it’s one of their major concerns. Every day, thousands of children go to the hospital due to injuries from toys. Either the toy can be poorly made, made out of toxic materials, or overall dangerous for your child. Whether your little ones play with baby toys or more sophisticated ones, you want to make sure that the item they’re playing with is safe.

In a previous post, I shared a site where you, as a parent, can check if a toy is toxic. Today, I want to share another great and free resource to get the latest toy recall information. The CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) is an organization which works to ensure the safety of different products, such as child and baby toys.

Consumer Product Safety Commission


You can log unto the CPSC website to find the latest toy recall information, and also find reports about unsafe clothing, furniture, and other items. It’s difficult to believe that clothes can post a child safety risk, but it’s all too true. For example, many sweatshirts for toddlers are made with drawstrings that can pose a chocking risk. While the manufacturing company or store feels that it’s OK to sell the item, the CPSC will collect information about injuries or deaths that have resulted from the item, and report them on the site.

On the CPSC website, you can access toy recall announcements, along with other important information. CPSC will provide you with the name and photo of the product. They will explain what the hazard is, and will provide a remedy (return for a cash refund, or fix, as well as contact information on how to call or e-mail the company.


Toy recall information

Perhaps the best feature of the toy recall feature on CPSC is that you don’t have to remember to actually check their site, but simply sign up for toy recall e-mails to be emailed right to you!

CPSC toy recall

Toy recall e-mails from CPSC

Sign up for CPSC toy recall e-mails, and choose the option that says “” under Recall and Calendar Options. This way, you will get the latest child and baby toys recall e-mails right in your inbox, and will know what to do if a product you know has been recalled.

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