Sepia Homeopathy: A Big Help With Women’s Hormones

I was born into homeopathy; my mother, who was a pediatrician, treated our entire family with these homeopathic remedies. While there are many proponents and opponents for homeopathy, I have seen the miracles that it was able to provide. I successfully treated my son’s tic (pulling his bangs) with one pill of Lycopodium homeopathy, which is just one example of multiple. The problem with homeopathy is that it is not a one-size-fits-all solution. For each and every ailment, there are numerous possible remedies, which depend not only on the physical symptoms, but mental ones as well. If you make an appointment with a licensed homeopathic practitioner they will ask you about your mother’s pregnancy, which is an example of how all-encompassing homeopathy can be.

The good news is that it is non-addictive, affordable and has no side effects, which is why you can try different remedies to see if they work. As a rule of thumb, try a few doses (usually two pills under the tongue) to see if symptoms lessen. If not, that is likely not the cure for you, so move on.

homeopathic remediesIn this blog, I will describe Sepia homeopathy, and what it can be helpful in treating. I want to caution readers that all homeopathic remedies come in various potencies, so it best to seek the advice of a licensed homeopath. As a general rule, take larger potencies for acute symptoms, and smaller potencies for chronic conditions.

Known officially as Sepia Officinalis, is made from the ink of cuttlefish, a mollusk of the class Cephalopod, such as the squid and octopus. The cuttlefish fights dangers by releasing dark ink from its ink sack, meant to distract enemies so it can escape. These creatures can change shape depending on their mood, or to blend it with the environment as a means of protection from invaders. This sea animal is shy, independent, yet highly intelligent.

Sepia is a popular remedy for women; it can be especially beneficial for moody females who seem to release a black cloud on their surroundings, similar to a cuttlefish’s ink. Mostly, women who can benefit from sepia homeopathy try to fight, internally or externally, the oppressive and traditional roles of women. They tend to be confrontational, especially towards men. They tend to be skinny, and look like boys, without voluptuous curves.

Physically, these people tend to have problems with their adrenal glands and ovaries. Many times, they seek help after a hormonal change, such as pregnancy, menopause, stopping birth control, etc. Sepia homeopathy can be helpful in fixing the following conditions:

  • Sexual Dysfunction: pain during sex, low sex drive, vaginal dryness
  • No energy – especially from 3-5pm
  • PMS
  • Yeast Infections
  • Morning Sickness
  • Baby Blues

Sepia is available on Amazon for just under $10, and can be purchased at a local health or homeopathy store.


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