Natural Remedies for Headaches

Life these days is extremely stressful. From trying to catch up with work commitments, to raising children and attempting to find time for ourselves, the stress of everyday can cause headaches. Some try to deal with them without any treatments, while others choose over-the-counter medication, such as Tylenol or Excedrin. However, these are are not great solutions as they contain harmful toxins and ingredients that are actually harming us. For example, reports that the popular headache relief pill Tylenol (Acetaminophen) can cause side effects such as sleep problems, nervousness, and more serous issues that can possibly lead to death. However, this doesn’t mean that relief is not out there. There are plenty of tried and true natural remedies for headaches that we will explore in this article.

Natural Headache Remedies


Homeopathy is a great solution to many ailments, without the risk of side effects. Two options to consider for headaches are belladonna and pulsatilla. Atropa Belladonna, otherwise known as Deadly Nightshade. It comes from a plant whose leaves and roots contain medicinal properties, and is used as  a pain reliever, sedative, and anti-inflammatory. The name means “beautiful lady” and is called so due to its historical use as a pupil dilator to make women appear more seductive. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Belladonna is one of the useful home remedies for headaches, particularly sudden, throbbing headaches that worsen with exposure to light and sound. If you suffer from migraines, Belladonna may be useful for you. All parts of the plant contain poisonous properties, though when purchased for homeopathic remedy purposes, it is diluted to levels safe enough for human use. You may purchase Belladonna as tablets, tinctures, ointments or sprays, notes Healthline.

Pulsatilla nigricans is another great option for natural headache remedies, and is derived from the windflower. The plant contains compounds that are useful for preventing muscle spasms, killing harmful bacteria and reducing pain. If you experience pounding headaches with pain that occurs in the front of the head/temples, which worsen with movement, consumption of rich food or light exposure, pulsatilla might be one of the natural remedies for headaches for you, says

Essential Oils

If you are in search of natural headache remedies, you may consider lavender oil, which is derived from the lavender flower. As well as being used as one of the home remedies for headaches, it is also considered an anxiolytic, mood stabilizer, anti hypertensive and antimicrobial. For the relief of headaches, the aroma of lavender oil is inhaled over a period of time. A study referenced by the National Center for Biotechnological Innovation, showed that patients with migraines who inhaled the scent of lavender oil for 15 minutes, in 30-minute intervals for two hours, showed a significant decrease in the occurrence of headaches than those who did not.

To use the oil, you can purchase an oil diffuser, or simply put a few drops into boiling water and inhale the steam. Or, you can put a drop of lavender oil on your finger, and massage it into your temples.

If you experience frequent headaches, but do not wish to use over-the-counter medication to control the symptoms, you may find that certain home remedies for headaches can help. Some plants and oils contain medicinal properties that are considered useful for the treatment of headaches and other ailments.

What homemade headache remedies do you use? Let us know in comments.

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