Natural Ear Infection Remedies – Pleo Not Drops

During cold and flu season, many children, and even some adults, get ear infections. If you have ever had one, you know how painful they can be. Parents typically go to the doctor’s office to get a diagnosis, and, more times than not, an antibiotic is prescribed. Antibiotics have many dangerous side effects (see my other blog for more info) that should make any parent think twice, or three or four times, about giving it to their kid.

“Taking antibiotics…can lead to new types of bacteria that can’t be killed (antibiotic-resistant bacteria). This means that children may not respond to an antibiotic when they really need it, such as if they get pneumonia,” says WebMD.

Many kids tend to get multiple ear infections in one year, and research shows that if every case is treated with an antibiotic, the bacteria may stop responding to the treatment. Next time, the child will need a higher dose, or a different treatment altogether.

Natural Ear Infection Remedies

I use Pleo Not (Notakehl) drops for natural ear infection remedies for my kids. Pleo Not is a natural antibiotic which has no side effects; yes, you read that right, 0 SIDE EFFECTS.

The active ingredient, “Notakehl is obtained from the mold fungus Penicillium chrysogenum; it is not an antibiotic and does not produce antibiotic substances. Therefore, there are no side-effects which may occur during an antibiotic treatment, such as allergies, liver damages, destruction of intestinal flora, and the formation of Penicillin-resistant strains,” according to Natural European Medicine.

So while Pleo Not acts like an antibiotic and cures bacterial infections, it is all natural and safe. Therefore, your child will not get diarrhea, a skin infection, or other, more severe, side effects from taking antibiotics.

natural ear infection remediesDirections

Follow the directions on the box, which tell you to use 5-10 drops a day. You can put the dropper right in the ear, so the remedy starts working immediately.

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