Juice Recipes: Parsley, Cucumber & Wheat Grass Juice Shot

I love to share juice recipes! If you have your own juicer (slow masticating preferably), try this delicious and healthy juice recipe!

juice recipesGrab some parsley, cucumber and wheat grass and juice it up. Wheat grass can be found at most health food stores; I buy mine at a store called Sprouts. This juice blend has many healthy benefits:

Parsley: Greenmuse.com states that parsley “contains calcium, B-complex vitamins, and iron, all of which nourish the glands that help regulate the uptake of calcium. It is a source of both magnesium and calcium, and especially potassium… is also a good choice for bone health with vitamin K… {and} excellent for the liver and spleen.”

Cucumber: Myjuicecleanse.com says that cucumbers have vitamins A, C, and K, as well as calcium and potassium. They help with digestion, help hair, skin and nails stay healthy, and aid in weight loss, as well as can help prevent cancer.

Wheat grass: Engergiseforlife.com writes that wheat grass increases ” the red blood cell count as well as the blood’s capacity to deliver oxygen and other nutrients to the body’s cell.” The benefits include more energy and weight loss.

So spend five minutes to improve your health with this easy juice shot. And if the taste is too green for you, throw in an orange!

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