How to Carbonate Water at Home

By now, we (hopefully) all know that soda is extremely bad for our health. “The most recent headlines have raised concerns that diet sodas boost stroke risk. Diet and regular sodas have both been linked to obesity, kidney damage, and certain cancers. Regular soft drinks have been linked to elevated blood pressure,” states WebMD. Soda has so much sugar that it can lead to diabetes.

It’s interesting that when you’re a regular soda drinker, it tastes good, if not great. However, since I stopped drinking soda years ago, whenever I try it now, I can’t drink it because the taste is overly sweet. It’s like drinking flavored sugar, which although sounds appealing, is not pleasant.

The healthiest and best-tasting alternative to soda has been flavored mineral water. However, many varieties still have tons of sugar, and often have artificial flavors. So, I find that making my own sparkling water at home is the best bet. “A 2004 study published in The Journal of Nutrition by Stefanie Schoppen investigated the effects of carbonated water on cardiovascular risk in post-menopausal women. The women were asked to drink one liter of regular water per day for two months and then one liter of carbonated water per day for two months. After drinking the carbonated water, the women had a 6.8 percent drop in total cholesterol, a 14.8 percent drop in LDL cholesterol and a 14.8 percent increase in HDL cholesterol,” according to Livestrong.

how to make carbonated water at home

This holiday season, my mom gave us the best gift ever, a Sodastream. Sodastream is a simple device for making your own sparkling water at home. When you purchase the set, you get a reusable BPA-free bottle and the actual soda maker, which is a gas tank in a small holder where you attach the bottle. I make my own “soda” in under 30 seconds.

The best part of the Sodastream is that I make my own flavors. I carbonate the water, and then squeeze in lime, lemon or orange juice right from the fruit. I’ve also gotten creative with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. I juice them and then add a tiny bit to the Sodastream bottle for flavor.

There are many benefits to making my own sparkling water at home. I don’t have to run out to the store, or carry heavy mineral water bottles every week, and I reuse the Sodastream bottles. The best benefit, however, is knowing that I am drinking healthy, filtered water from my own house with a touch of fruit juice for an added health perk.

Click here to purchase your own Sodastream Fountain Jet Soda Maker Starter Kit and see for yourself how to carbonate water at home. It retails for under $100.

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