Hidden Dangers in Bath Toys

They make bath time more fun and easy, but could your child’s bath toys be harming him or her? Turns out that bath toys may contain hidden dangers such as mold, filth, PVC and BPA, among other harmful and gross things.

Filthy Bath Toys

Safe Mama reports that most bathtubs are located near the toilet, and when the toilet gets flushed, fecal matter can get sprayed right in the tub, staining the bath toys. Also, dirt, grime and bacteria from bathing and showering may stick on the toys. We all know that kids love to put bathtub toys in their mouths, and it’s freighting to think what they may be ingesting.

Solution for Filthy Bath Toys

Make sure to properly wash your baby bath toys with warm water and soap once a week. Some people recommend running them through the dishwasher, but many plastic toys can release harmful chemicals when exposed to heat, so I wouldn’t recommend that.

Moldy Bath Toys

This one is pretty logical. Mold tends to grow in moist places, such as your shower wall, so it can grow on your child’s tub toys, as well. Squirt and spray bath toys have been found to be the worst offenders. These toys have small holes in them to spray the water, but mold tends to grow inside the toys, too.

Solution for Moldy Bath Toys

Make sure to air dry your bath toys after every single bath. It’s best to do it outside under the sun, but if that’s too much trouble, just stick them on your sink vanity. Also, avoid purchasing squirt bath toys or any bath toy that has small closed-up parts that can trap moisture and water.

PVC and BPA in Bath Toys

States such as California have outlawed BPA in baby products, such as baby bottles. However, no such law has been applied to bath toys. You may be surprised to find out that many baby bath toys are laden with BPA and PVC, both dangerous chemicals for your little one. We already mentioned that babies and older kids love to put bath toys in their mouths, so it’s important that the toys are made from safe and nontoxic materials.

Solution for PVC and BPA in Bath Toys

Make sure to research safe bath toys before purchasing. There are many safe alternatives out there to chemical-laden bath toys sold in stores. Check out these products; they contain safe materials with no PVC or BPA:

The brand Caaocho makes 100% pure and natural rubber bath toys. I recently got the blue whale in a gift card from Earth Baby boutique in Sherman Oaks, CA, and my six-month old loves it! It’s big enough for him to hold, and the tail is slim enough for him to suck on. My four-year-old even grabs it from him once in a while to play with it.

Also, read my blog about checking to see if your kids toys are safe or toxic here.

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