Green Eco Baby Toys

As a mom, there is no greater joy than getting a few minutes of peace while your little one is playing. My older son never cared too much for toys as a baby, but my younger one will play for hours if I let him. Sadly, most baby toys are made of plastic, which has been proven time and time again to contain toxins that are harmful to the baby. I wrote in a previous blog about a good resource to check if your toys are toxic, but there are companies that make it their mission to sell green eco baby toys that are safe and fun. Below is a list of our proven favorites.

Green Eco Baby Toys

1. HABA – HABA is a German brand that offers wood and plush eco-conscious toys. They strive to make toys from sustainable materials, and have the PEFC seal for using wood from sustainable forests. They were the first toy company in Germany to go through an environmental audit to prove their commitment to children, parents and the environment. green toys

My son loves the colorful patterns and the sounds the wood makes. We have three clutching toys from this company, and I rotate them out knowing that when he sucks on them, he is not ingesting harmful toxins from plastics.

My favorite choices from the HABA collection are all under $15. Check out the Salto Rattle and the Rattling Figure Monsieur.

eco friendly toys2. Under the Nile Organic Toys – Most of my friends know that plastic toys can pose certain risks, but not many know that plush toys can also have toxins. Even if the toys are made from cotton, that cotton is grown using pesticides and chemicals. Under the Nile toys are made from organic Egyptian cotton. Once the toy is made from the cotton, the company doesn’t use any artificial dyes or heavy metals, formaldehyde, bleaches or other harmful materials. My favorites come in at under $30. Examples are the Bunny Blanket Friend and the Veggies in a Crate.

3. Dandelion – Most rattles are made from plastic, which is why I was thrilled to find organic toysorganic plush rattles that my little one can chew and that also make some noise. Their rattles, plush toys and teethers are durable, washable and natural and organic. Here are some of my top choices for green eco toys for babies, all for under $20: Frog Toy Rattle and Organic Plush Bear.

Remember to do your research when it comes to purchasing green eco baby toys. Read reviews to see if the products are safe, durable and if babies like them. Picking any of these three companies will give you piece of mind about knowing that your little ones are not ingesting harmful paint, pesticides or metals.

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