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We all know how good yoga is for the mind and the body. We tend to make New Year’s resolutions to make more time for ourselves, and take better care of our bodies. Unfortunately, we are so busy that most of us rarely have as much time to exercise as we would like. Also, yoga classes tend to be expensive or class times don’t coordinate with our schedules. A great option is to exercise at home! You can purchase a yoga DVD or you can find free yoga videos online. All you need is a yoga mat!

yoga videos


The Examiner provides some links to free yoga videos online. Check them out!


“Sofi Dillof is an advanced certified Jivakukti yoga instructor with a series of free yoga podcasts available. Each class runs anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes and are best suited for those with at least six months of yoga experience, though you can be the judge of that,” states The Examiner.


“Hillary Rubin is a transformational yoga expert and is certified in Anusara Yoga®. In her podcasts you learn techniques from an expert teacher who understands… what it takes to create a strong foundation while making yoga accessible and fun for everybody,” according to her site.


Yoga Today allows you to search, stream, and download from their library of over 200 one-hour video classes –in settings that harmonize with the postures and at the level and intensity that’s best for you. They offer a free class every week!

Do you do yoga at home? Let us know what you use in the comments section.

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