Delicious Green Smoothie with Cucumbers, Lemon and Honey

As a lover of smoothies, I am always on the lookout for the best healthy smoothies. So, on a recent trip to Palm Springs, when I tried the best green smoothie of my life, I was very excited to hear that it only required three ingredients that I already had at home. All you need for this refreshing and perfect-for-summer smoothie are cucumbers, lemons and honey. As always, I recommend organic and raw products when possible for a healthy green smoothie.

Benefits of This Green Smoothie

1. Cucumbers – Care2 gives the following benefits of cucumbers: Keeps you hydrated; flushes out toxins; lavishes you with vitamins A B and C; supplies skin-friendly minerals, magnesium, potassium and silicon; aids in weight loss; revives the eyes; cuts cancer; stabilizes blood pressure; refreshes the mouth; keeps kidneys in shape.

2. Lemons – Huffington Post Canada states the top five reasons why lemons are beneficial to our health. 1. Lemon helps the liver to dump toxins by stimulating its natural enzymes. This promotes good health and helps keep the skin clear. 2. Citric acid can help eliminate calcium deposits in the arteries as well as pancreatic and kidney stones. 3.  Lemon provides a huge dose of the free radical fighting antioxidant vitamin C, which helps keep skin even-toned and wrinkle-free. 4. Vitamin C also helps boost the immune system, keeping the flu and colds at bay. 5. And finally, Lemons are a good source of electrolytes, such as potassium, calcium and magnesium, which help hydrate the body and regulate its functioning.

3. Honey – Dr. Oz states on his website that honey “is a powerful food, beauty aide and a topical antibiotic. Honey naturally contains 18 amino acids, plus small amounts of a many vitamins and minerals.” Honey gives us better athletic performance; improved sleep and relaxation; and fewer allergies.

Green Smoothie Recipe


* 3 medium cucumbers
* 1/2 medium lemon
* 2 tablespoons of honey
* 1 cup of water


1. Peel and cut the cucumbers.
2. Cut and peel half of a lemon.
3. Add honey, water, lemon and cucumbers into a blender.
4. Blend.
5. Enjoy!

Green Smoothie

Green Smoothie

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