Bristle Brush: Best Hairbrushes for Your Hair

Did you know that the type of hairbrush you use can greatly affect how your hair looks? If you’re the type of person to just grab a brush at CVS on your way to the check out line, this blog is for you!

The most highly reviewed hair brushes are made from boar bristle and vinyl. Boar bristle is made from the hair of a wild hog. These brushes are made from all natural materials, with the handle usually made from wood. This type of brush is best for fine to normal hair, and is really helpful for someone with thin or oily hair because the bristles distribute the oil from the top of the hair down, creating clean, shiny hair.

However, the boar bristles by themselves aren’t often enough, especially for curly or very thick hair. This is why I recommend a hairbrush that has both boar bristles and vinyl. While the natural bristles will be gentle and distribute the oils, the vinyl will act as a detangler and will help hair to dry faster.

The brushes come in various shapes, such as round for blow drying, or an oval or square paddle brush, which will help for brushing and detangling.

Here are some of the best reviewed hair brushes:

1. Mason Pearson

These are the Ferraris of hair brushes, and they retail starting at $85. They truly have good quality brushes made for all hairstyles. Check out a few of their large selection here.

2. Round brushes for blow drying

Picking a good quality hairbrush is vital to keep your hair healthy and shiny. Just remember to take good care of your brush; the natural hair require more care than the regular vinyl brush. Make sure to wash your brush every two weeks with a natural shampoo. And, for a pleasant kick, add some lavender oil to the hair bristles to give your hair a pleasant hue when brushing.

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