Best Vitamins – Natural Vs. Synthetic

This article talks about the difference between natural, or plant and vegetable-based vitamins, and synthetic, or lab-made vitamins. We all know that taking daily vitamins is important to boost our health and improve our immune system. The best way to improve health is to eat lots of fruit and vegetables, however many of us do not consume enough of either. The next best solution is to take a daily vitamin, but with tens of thousands of vitamins on the market, which ones are the best vitamins? Before picking the brand, the most important choice is to go with either a plant-based, or a synthetic vitamin.

Synthetic Vitamins

These types of vitamins are the most popular because they are cheaper and more mass produced. Synthetic chemical nutrients that make up these vitamins are produced in a lab.

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Vitamins that occur naturally in food are always found with other components, enzymes, co-enzymes and minerals that make the vitamin effective. When a synthetic vitamin is made in a lab, the absence of other compounds makes it ineffective. Furthermore, sometimes the synthetic ingredients cause more harm than good.

“Anything not inherently found in nature has the potential to be toxic to the body which eventually may result in a variety of health infirmities… Studies repeatedly have shown that synthetic chemical nutrients do not compare to living plant-derived nutrients when it comes to health benefits,” according to Deblon Chiropractic.

“Another primary difference between real full-spectrum whole-food vitamins and synthetic vitamins is that real vitamins contain the essential trace minerals necessary for the vitamins’ synergistic operation. Synthetic vitamins contain no trace minerals and must utilize the body’s own mineral reserves. Ingesting real vitamins does not require the body to deplete its own reserves of nutrients to replace any nutrients missing from the false vitamins,” writes the Organic Consumers Association.

Chemical vitamins most often contain preservatives, food coloring, and other ingredients that are harmful to your health.

“Some of the chemicals used to manufacture solid supplements are identical to those used in insecticides, motor fuels, explosives and lacquers,” states Deblon Chiropractic.

Furthermore, synthetic vitamins are often not recognized by the body. In the best case, the pills will just pass through without any benefits.

“When it is saturated or overwhelmed with large amounts of synthetic vitamins or does not possess the cofactors necessary for creating fully-complexed supplements, it cannot convert the incomplete synthetic vitamins. It will then work to eliminate the synthetic vitamins through the kidneys, skin and the other elimination organs. This is the reason why the majority of all synthetic vitamins are quickly eliminated by the body and not utilized,” according to the Organic Consumers Association.

In the worst, case, the chemical ingredients will not be able to be dispelled by the body, and will build up in the tissues and bloodstream, leading to serious conditions. Have you heard of the many stories in the news lately about the harmful side effects of vitamins? Those are all caused by vitamins made in a lab.

Natural Vitamins

Vitamins that are made from real plants and vegetables are the best vitamins. These are pills or capsules that are made from real, broken down natural ingredients that you would get from eating a good, balanced diet.

Although vitamins from naturally-occurring sources are relatively lower potency, they are actually much more effective at these lower potencies than synthetic vitamins, for the simple reason that the body can easily assimilate their nutrients, and can do so without the toxic side-effects of synthetic vitamins,” writes the Organic Consumers Association.

The full-spectrum naturally occurring plant and vegetables that are used to create the vitamin are ready to be fully absorbed by the body for maximum benefits because they occur with all the components found in nature.

How to Tell Between Natural and Synthetic Vitamins

It is often hard to decipher all the ingredients on a vitamin bottle. Even if the label states that it’s natural, it can contain only 10% of natural ingredients, while the rest are made in the lab. To truly make sure you are buying plant of vegetable-based vitamins, you must read the list of ingredients. Make sure the bottle is labeled 100% whole foods, or 100% vegetarian. If the ingredient is a vitamin, such as vitamin C, or absorbic acid, it is synthetic. If the ingredient is an actual food or plant, like acerolla cherry powder, it is natural.

Vitamin Suggestion to Purchase:

A great all natural daily vitamin for women is Daily Foods Women’s Vitamins. They also have a product for men, which is called Daily Food- Men’s One Daily.

When you read the list of ingredients next to each vitamin, it states what food it is made from.

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