Superfoods List: What Are They?


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After decades and decades of rising obesity rates in the United States, it seems that some of the population is finally waking up and trying to make changes to their diet. While other factors, such as exercise, are vital to … Continue reading

Sepia Homeopathy: A Big Help With Women’s Hormones


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I was born into homeopathy; my mother, who was a pediatrician, treated our entire family with these homeopathic remedies. While there are many proponents and opponents for homeopathy, I have seen the miracles that it was able to provide. I successfully … Continue reading

A Patient’s Guide to California Medical Marijuana (Sponsored Post)


***SPONSORED POST*** Medical marijuana is taking effect all over the country. California has passed Prop. 215 which allows the use of medical marijuana, and we guide patients through their rights and requirements by law. In 1996, voters in California approved … Continue reading

Bioavailability of Vitamins: How to Get the Most Nutrients


Vitamins are essential to promote different bodily functions. There are two types of vitamins: water-soluble and fat-soluble. This means that one group dissolves more readily in water, while the other is better absorbed in fatty substances. Often times, the bioavailability … Continue reading

Is There a Link Between Autism and Vaccines?


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There is a constant debate about the possible link of vaccines and autism. Lawmakers, doctors, medical researchers and parents just cannot seem to agree whether vaccinations, which are supposed to protect children from serious, often life-threatening, diseases, instead make children … Continue reading