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My name is Renata, and I am the founder of Simple Natural Solutions. I am a 30-something first time mom with a young son. My mom is a pediatrician, but throughout my whole life, she believed in holistic remedies versus pharmaceutical ones. Therefore, I grew up using homeopathy and being wary of traditional drugs, which I always had side effects to, anyway. In our household, we always used the most simple natural solutions for all our health concerns.

When I became a mom myself, I tended to listen to my son’s pediatrician for the first eighteen months, but that all changed when he got his first ear infection. After two rounds of antibiotics, when the infection did not go away and the doctor was insisting on a third round, I realized that I had to wake up and take matters into my own hands.

I spent hours researching simple natural solutions to cure ear infections, and visited a local homeopathic pharmacy (which in a huge city like Los Angeles, are few and far between). What I learned is that most ear infections go away on their own and do not require any antibiotics whatsoever. So when my son got his next ear infection, as kids are prone to when starting day care, I resisted the pediatrician’s advice and did not give him any drugs. And, lo and behold, the infection went away on its own.

Since then, I peruse the Internet daily for advice on keeping my son, my husband, and myself healthy and away from chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, etc., as much as possible. By taking daily vitamins (plant-based, of course), eating fruits and vegetables, and making minor changes to our lifestyle, I am healthier and have more energy than in my 20s.

In the past couple of years, I have given (often unsolicited) advice to my friends and relatives, and finally decided it was time to start a blog, if only to keep track of all the knowledge I gain in one place. So, if you would like to find easy and natural solutions for your every day needs (for example, did you know that a mixture of vinegar and water is a cheap and safe way to clean your floors) then this blog is for you! I will post my findings about cleaning supplies, as well as natural remedies, health news, and food advice for your and your family! If you have any specific questions, contact Simple Natural Solutions, and I will do my best to answer you.

Simple Natural Solutions

Simple Natural Solutions

Please feel free to contact me at info@simplenaturalsolutions.com.